Taking into account the fact that SIA “Reduks” has been operating in the field of furniture manufacturing and installation for a long enough time, we have accumulated a lot of experience in furniture warranty service, repairs, and restoration.

Like other household goods, furniture tends to wear out and deteriorate as a result of external conditions, such as mechanical damage, moisture, heat, etc. But not always customers can quickly and by their own efforts repair furniture in such a way that the defects are not visible. We recommend SIA “Reduks” furniture service. This saves the customer money, because when you call a service technician, you will receive a service that includes everything – damage prevention, furniture disassembly, transportation, purchase of materials if necessary, repair. SIA “Reduks” also deals with the repair and restoration of soft furniture – upholstery and restoration of soft parts.

We offer companies to conclude a cooperation agreement on furniture maintenance and maintenance in working order.

SIA “Reduks” offers the following service services:

1. Moving furniture within the warranty and after it
The service department will provide you with high-quality and professional disassembly, transportation and assembly of furniture, maintaining the warranty conditions.We will be happy to help you in solving furniture moving issues, even if the warranty period has expired.


2. Furniture installation
Furniture installation takes place in accordance with the technical drawings, specifications, etc. attached to the order. documents. Installation costs are calculated individually.


3. Warranty and post-warranty service
When purchasing goods, a “Purchase – sale” contract is drawn up, which is also a guarantee of these goods. Different groups of goods have different terms of use (use, care, peculiarities, transfer of warranty to a third party, etc.), in case of compliance with which the warranty period is 24 months from the moment of delivery of the goods. During this time, warranty service is free. Warranty terms apply upon presentation of proof of purchase.

Warranty terms

  • The warranty is applicable to defects in the quality of the goods that have arisen due to the fault of the manufacturer.
  • The warranty is valid for all furniture components and components, except for lighting bulbs and transformers installed in household appliances and furniture.
  • Natural wear and tear of the product or changes in its properties are not considered a lack of product quality.
  • Differences in the texture and shade of natural wood are not considered a lack of product quality.
  • Warranty service is not applicable in cases where the goods have not been properly operated or damaged due to the buyer’s fault. You can familiarize yourself with the instructions for using and caring for furniture materials in the Materials section.
  • The guarantees come into effect from the moment the goods delivery note – invoice is signed. The guarantee can only be provided by presenting the following purchase documents: goods delivery note – invoice and/or purchase contract.

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