1. At first, please visit our web-site in order to check our samples.
  2. We suggest you to invite a designer, so that he/she can measure premises and discuss the furniture you wish. Initially, we will help you to fill in the questionaire to help us to know what is in the modern materials’ market as well as to learn about what do you want to order.
  3. You need to wait a few days while the designer with the help of special software will determine the exact furniture size and create sketches.
  4. Specially created project will be shown to you and, if you need, you will be able to make changes in construction and design. When the project is finally approved, the order procedure can be started.
  5. Drawing up an order, you make a prepayment, which is 70% of the order price. At that point, the order is made and you are assigned your furniture installation date. Final payment for the furniture provided is made after completion of all works, when the furniture is installed at your house and is ready to use.

The deadline for manufacturing the furniture is up to three weeks. In case of a complex order, the deadline is agreed with the customer.